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Release date: 27.09.2019
180g 12” LP & digital

Label: Howard Records
Catalog no.: HR02


Kamil Piotrowicz - piano
Stan Callewaert - double bass
Jeppe Høi Justesen - drums

Michał Kupicz - recording, mix & mastering
Recorded 22.03.18 at Polish Radio Studios, Warsaw


A side
01    Densities                  (19:56)

B side
02    Forces                     (04:09)
03    Intensities                (10:50)


Densities, Forces, Intensities is the second album of the young Copenhagen-based band Lawaai. Recorded in one day at the Polish Radio Studios in Warsaw, the inspiration for the recording took shape during the anticipating 10-day long European release tour of their first album in January 2018. The title finds its origin in the words of French post-impressionist painter Paul Cézanne, who expressed the need of always painting at close range to the landscape. Close, to the point where one no longer sees forms or even matters, but only the forces, densities, intensities within the landscape. The same way Cézanne made invisible forces visible in his paintings, ‘Densities, Forces, Intensities’ is Lawaai’s attempt to render the inaudible audible.

‘Densities, Forces, Intensities’ will be released on September 20th 2019 on the Polish label Howard Records. The album will be available digitally and on a limited edition 12” LP of 200 copies. The vinyl comes with digital download of the album and a handmade print.


Lawaai is a statement against the systematic classification of sound into noise and music. Using intuitive improvisation as a method, the trio pursues a music praxis free from expectations and intentions - free from historical and stylistic approaches. This results in a sound palette that reminds of anything but the familiar piano trio.

United by a shared interest for acoustic exploration and minimalistic aesthetics, the band played its first notes in 2017 in Copenhagen. Lawaai is the musical universe arising from the combined forces of Danish drummer Jeppe Høi Justesen, Belgian bassist Stan Callewaert and Polish piano player Kamil Piotrowicz. In 2018 they published their first release on an unlabeled, untitled cassette tape limited to 100 copies. The release tour of this album took them through Belgium, Germany and Poland and resulted in a new recording, now coming out as ‘Densities, Forces, Intensities’.

more info: http://lawaai.eu