New album ‘Densities, Forces, Intensities’ out now on Howard Records.

listen here

Lawaai improvises acoustic stories, triggered by visual, architectonic and textural input. Extracting and deconstructing impressions from the outside world, they reconstruct their own sound universe that breathes and grows like a living organism.

United by a shared interest for acoustic exploration and minimalist aesthetics, the band first met in Copenhagen in 2017. After playing together twice, they recorded a debut album and decided to continue under the name ‘Lawaai’: the Dutch word for noise, and a statement against the systematic classification of sound into noise and music.

After several concerts in Denmark, the recordings got released in March 2018 in the form of a limited edition unlabeled, untitled cassette tape, accompanied by a tour through Belgium, Germany and Poland. The end of the tour was the beginning of a new record. At the Polish Radio Studios in Warsaw, Lawaai recorded new material, to be released as ‘Densities, Forces, Intensities’, in September 2019 on the Polish label Howard Records.